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With an emphasis equally on video as well as sound quality, PG Pro aims to produce the highest quality product in the shortest amount of time.

We use a range of high-definition video cameras and high-quality audio microphones to make sure you get the best possible recording for the lowest possible cost. And we source the highest quality consumables so your product will last for the longest possible time.


    In light of some of the recent delays in the production time for certain products, I have put together a brief FAQ below to help explain how PG Pro works.

Where is my product?
Please don't worry, your product will be on its way. Due to high demand, we are currently running behind on production.  You can keep up to date on estimated production times here.

I could've filmed this myself on a camcorder and had it out in a couple of days! What makes your products worth waiting for?
What PG Pro provides is a souvenir DVD; something which will last for a lifetime and can be watched again and again.  To make this possible, we use up to 9 cameras and 16 audio microphones to cover as many angles as possible to capture all the action and also get crystal clear sound.  Unfortunately this makes the turnaround time much lengthier as the audio has to be mastered, joined with the video, and then all 9 video tracks have to be edited.

Why are your products more expensive than other editing companies?
Because these are souvenir products, PG Pro makes them as high a quality as possible.  We source leading industry-standard materials; for example we use top-grade CDs and DVDs which are scratch-resistant and designed to give a very long life-span.  Unfortunately hitting this high quality means there are extra costs involved.  For most events, we also offer a donation back to the event organiser from the income (regardless of profit).

What are you doing about delayed products?

All customers who have ordered a product which is delayed more than 3 months will receive a 50% discount on their order.  (Please note : Once a delayed product has been released, all orders received after this date will be charged at normal cost).  We expect all backlogged work to be cleared by March / April in 2016 and after this time projects will be back to being turned around within 3 weeks of recording.

PG Pro is known for its high quality work, so please be assured, we will not ship your product until we are completely happy with the end result.  This will ensure it is something you will treasure.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to
contact me for more information

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Piers Gray
PG Pro

We offer services for :
School Productions
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Outdoor Events
Short Film Production
Vlogs (Video Blogs) and Online Promotional Media
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Business Events / Conferences
And many more!

With the use of up to 10 cameras and 16 portable microphones we ensure we capture all the action for your viewing and listening pleasure.

So if you need an event filmed and don't want to compromise on price or quality then hop over to the contact page and feel free to get in touch for a quote!